a sluts favorite drink
Guy: o shit i think ima cum
Slut: YAY
by Gabe da Gabe February 19, 2009
2.the act of ejaculating
Before she realized that Joe was going to (1.)cum, Jane got a mouthful of (2.)cum and nearly choked.
by Fatass February 25, 2003
A wonderful warm sticky substance that comes out of a dudes dick.
When I was sucking my boyfriends cock his cum got in my mouth.
by JT September 26, 2003
Has two definitions:
1. To orgasm, CAN occur in females.
2. Semen
Actually, not every girl likes drinking it. Maybe they should hold it in their mouth and then kiss their partner so it goes in HIS mouth and HE swallows it! Hahahahahahahahahaha!
by TheRubberDucky October 09, 2003
1.(n) warm fluid that is ejaculated from a male at the peak of a sexual encounter; more often at home every night with a picture of Halle Berry and a tube of lotion.
1. Man last night I got cum all over Halle's nipples.
by browneyedchicadee December 15, 2003
A warm, delicious, creamy liquid which you suck out of a man's long, hard cock. Fabulous, right?!
I unzipped his fly and started rummaging through his boxers until I finally pulled out his surprisingly large, 8-inch cock. I then began tugging on it every-so-gently, making it hard. Then I began to lick the head of his cock, slowly, gently, gobbling up every bit of pre-cum that came out. Finally, I began to suck his cock, my head bobbing up and down, taking all 8-inches at once until he finally exploded--cumming right in my mouth. I swallowed, of course!
by Mr. Cum-Bucket August 28, 2008
Victory in bed
I made her Cum Last Night
by Dougienotouchie October 29, 2006

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