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see also Giz, Gizz, baby batter, chowder, chowdah
#1 yeah, I'd throw one in her.
#2 uh-huh, I'd fill that with Chowder.
by kevin barnard August 12, 2003
14 51
the white stuff
stu likes to drink it on a friday night when hes out with the
by Glen October 17, 2003
14 54
According to Henry Rollins, 'ropy jets of jism flying through the air to land on surgically enhanced breasts'
by Proud Conservative July 08, 2003
120 173
The build up of white crap around someones mouth when thirsty, in worst circumstances can be dryed up and stringing up and down someone's lips while talking.

A foul creation and completely pointless.
Cum infected person: Hi mate!

Normal Person: Dreadful Cum! Get rid of it!
by Jon Elvins June 22, 2007
16 72
What you do every time you have sex.
Last night I cummed all over my g/f
by Seamus McCabe February 08, 2004
32 88
The magical nectar that, when sucked out of a penis, is capable of transforming the most militant lesbian bull dike into an obedient and grateful member of heterosexual society.
Chris knew that if she simply siphoned the cum out of her instructor's wanker, that her homosexual tendencies would disappear and she would again be a silly little girl baking cookies and waiting to be impregnated by a man.
by ramazz January 29, 2004
114 200
a substance that tastes like stewed penguins and comes out of a guys dick. Don't eat it. It a) tastes like stewed penguins and b) it's like eating shit. STICK WITH THE BLOW JOB ONLY!!!!
she only eats the cum of dead men. we love you nicki baby
by giudizio August 01, 2003
42 145