or (cumed) the act of jizing
Frank: what happened?
Ben: i cumed all over my bed sheets!
by dylansmith November 18, 2005
the very nature of man. nothing more, nothing less, looks good on your mom's face.
"i just cummed on your mom's face, and boy does my nature look good on her."
by pancake December 14, 2003
1.) Life

2.) What fuck faces say when they're too god damned lazy to type 2 more letters
Jesus: God, donkey punches don't work, I got slapped but I came hella hard!

God: Jesus, homey don't play dat.

N00blet: cum 2 ma place t0morr0w, we can chil wit porn
by SpamWhale December 07, 2010
When the one-eyed-yogurt-slinging-purple-headed-cyclops spits
Drink that shit bitch! It makes you live longer!
by A.Dizzle November 11, 2003
a substance that comes out of a dick
a very tasty substance that come out of a mans dick i cumed all over my girlfriend sarah and she ate it could not get a no more from me so she had me call a few more of my friends over we all lost cum to her then we all did it doggie style on bottom was sarah then me then my to friends you could consider it butt raping if any one wants to get together of fuck each other or one night stay in ohio call me 7407011946 or email me do both if u want to by the way my name is ethan hopkineyhanhopkins98@yahoo.com or get on my facebook and post my status the dirtyiest think you can think of
by ethan the fucker October 17, 2010
Homo, 2%, 1% or skimmed milk

depends on the person
"Yo man, I just squirted homomilk all over her!"

"Aw... Fu** I gotta leak this 2% milk, time to jack off"

"dude! My cum makes me wanna drink homo milk!"
by philosophyofsperm April 01, 2009
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