A word that can replace the commonly used word "come" but only in text not verbal usage
1.Hey dude can i cum inside your house. 2.cum on man cum on, really thats it...... i thought your were good at Call Of Duty.3.cum in mouth please i think i have a cavity.4.AT LAST finally i can cum I'm soooo excited!!!5.heyy dude when u cum watch out you dont want to hit those people on the other side of the road.
by cum jokster 2010 June 24, 2010
Homo, 2%, 1% or skimmed milk

depends on the person
"Yo man, I just squirted homomilk all over her!"

"Aw... Fu** I gotta leak this 2% milk, time to jack off"

"dude! My cum makes me wanna drink homo milk!"
by philosophyofsperm April 01, 2009
it is a sticky liquid that you shootout your cock.

usually happens durring sex ( exept for those who are too ugly to get a girl so they just jack off)

it is usually very fun when hacving it squirt (into a girls mouth) untill you have to clean it up

no one noes how fast it shoots out but it will vary to 15-100mph (mostly for those hard fuckers
i fucked her so hard cum shot into her pussy at 56mph
then i noticed it broke the condom the next mourning
by fuck you really hard April 25, 2009
a white substance created by the male sex
so fuck all the women u can and u will cum
jizz, seman, and many other languages
i cumed all over my teacher last night
do u wonder y i have and F in science it stands for Fuckme!!!!!!
by harry peter November 24, 2007
1.To shoot jizz all over the place
2. jizz itself
dude yesterday i cummed all over christinas boobs it felt so good
Ew i have my cum all over my hand
by OMGWTFBBQ!!!!!?????!!! August 24, 2006
1. sperm
2. the act of cuming
that chick is a cumwhore
by lazyassloser April 05, 2004
see also Giz, Gizz, baby batter, chowder, chowdah
#1 yeah, I'd throw one in her.
#2 uh-huh, I'd fill that with Chowder.
by kevin barnard August 12, 2003

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