a white substance created by the male sex
so fuck all the women u can and u will cum
jizz, seman, and many other languages
i cumed all over my teacher last night
do u wonder y i have and F in science it stands for Fuckme!!!!!!
by harry peter November 24, 2007
1.To shoot jizz all over the place
2. jizz itself
dude yesterday i cummed all over christinas boobs it felt so good
Ew i have my cum all over my hand
by OMGWTFBBQ!!!!!?????!!! August 24, 2006
1. sperm
2. the act of cuming
that chick is a cumwhore
by lazyassloser April 05, 2004
see also Giz, Gizz, baby batter, chowder, chowdah
#1 yeah, I'd throw one in her.
#2 uh-huh, I'd fill that with Chowder.
by kevin barnard August 12, 2003
the white stuff
stu likes to drink it on a friday night when hes out with the
by Glen October 17, 2003
What you do every time you have sex.
Last night I cummed all over my g/f
by Seamus McCabe February 08, 2004
The build up of white crap around someones mouth when thirsty, in worst circumstances can be dryed up and stringing up and down someone's lips while talking.

A foul creation and completely pointless.
Cum infected person: Hi mate!

Normal Person: Dreadful Cum! Get rid of it!
by Jon Elvins June 22, 2007

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