The white fluid excreted out of a male's penis after receiving head. In simpler terms, the best stuff in the world to spread all over a girl's titties.
Joey shot his cum all over this hot bitch's titties.
by patrick magrane October 14, 2006
The sperm/semen mix that exits from the head of a man's penis during ejaculation.
"After my masseuse let out a hormone, I shot cum all over her face."
by Bob Homes March 03, 2006
to become a human vaccum cleaner and suck the cum right out of my lovers dick
I am nicked named vaccum!
by vaccumCleaner September 30, 2003
or (cumed) the act of jizing
Frank: what happened?
Ben: i cumed all over my bed sheets!
by dylansmith November 18, 2005
the very nature of man. nothing more, nothing less, looks good on your mom's face.
"i just cummed on your mom's face, and boy does my nature look good on her."
by pancake December 14, 2003
man-white eggy fluid that comes out of his penis. mixture of sperm and fluids, also known as semen.

woman-sticky oozy stuff that lubricates her vagina before/during sex
man before he ejaculates "i'm gonna cum!"
woman during might just moan, but it's nothing to mention.
by kim July 13, 2003
1.) Life

2.) What fuck faces say when they're too god damned lazy to type 2 more letters
Jesus: God, donkey punches don't work, I got slapped but I came hella hard!

God: Jesus, homey don't play dat.

N00blet: cum 2 ma place t0morr0w, we can chil wit porn
by SpamWhale December 07, 2010

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