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cum is widely known as the semen from a mans penis or the wet slippery juices from a womens va jay jay but its really a womens daily essential nutrients that will leave her with a bright and shiny smile aka teeth whitener
Bob. my girl never showed last night.
Travis. thats cause she was busy letting me cum and apply her teeth whitener
Bob. you peice of shit
Travis. i also enjoyed that rusty trombone bro
by Travioly July 31, 2008
1. luv juice 2.juice from the vagina/penis during sex can taste diffenert depends on wat u eat 3. how a slut writes "come"
she had cum on her face when she came 2 work that day and we all knew y
by gibbleacawooopllopppp July 23, 2008
What all true warriors strive for.
It is written, only link can strive for Cum.
by poopadoop December 11, 2007
1. Synonym for orgasm
2. How weird and lazy people say "come".
3. The secret ingredient for a big mac.
1. I made cum in my pants!
2. Cum 2 my house!
3. I just love the cum in my big mac!
by D. Rodriguez December 05, 2010
a substance that everyone (even guys) love....like me i like it sooooooo much...
when two men are "sexually" active, when they are aroused it cums out.
by chester the melester January 10, 2008
sperm that comes out of your dick
i cumed in her mouth
by hazmat2874 January 14, 2009
the stuff that explodes out of a mans bell
oh shit!! i just sent my man chutney all over your face ....sweet
by TP September 17, 2003