CUMs out of your dick when being given hand or blowjob or during sex;sperm
i got cum all over my sheets lastnight when me and emma banged
by ohwerty April 20, 2008
mouth frosting. the slightly thick, sweet fluid that rockets out of a man's hard schlong when excited to the point of orgasm. the mouth is the cake, the sweet cum is the mouth frosting. that is where the term "the icing on the cake" came from.
"krys has a pretty mouth, but it looks a whole lot prettier when I cum and it's coated in a rich layer of sweet mouth frosting"

"jane's mouth is like a fine french pastry, but that shit would only be complete after I freekin' lose my wad and cum, giving it a layer of gourmet mouth frosting"
by cryfxxx August 31, 2007
1. The Latin word for "with".

2. The slang version of semen.
1: Ego amo sexus cum puella! (Translate: I love having sex with my girl!)

2: Haha bitch you can suck my cum!
by DumpsterHobo January 05, 2011
a shot of past wich tastes realy good on sanwiches also known as magicl unicorn mayonais
example: i made thease great sandwiches out of CUM i made it last night after i had a suck and fuck with bill gates
by Slayer 6969 April 11, 2008
1. When a guy gets HEAD from a girl or guy and dis white sweet thick juice flows from his dick
2. When a girl gets her PUSSY ate out by a guy or a girl and thick white jucie comes out of her
1.I give this dude a blow-job and i pulled away before he cum(med) so he could could com allover my C-cup tits!!!!!!
2.When dis dude i know wanted to be more than friends he wanted to lick the sweet juice from my pussy and i cummed so much dat after he licked suck and darted his tounge soo much dat he ate me dry!!!!
by stick it in make me wet July 29, 2007
What happens after a good fuck
The best orgasm
a release of fluid (sperm, vagina fluid)
male: give me a blow job till i cum sperm all over you.
female: give me a palm job till i spasm and cum.
by naughtygirl November 17, 2013
Slang version of "come." Used via text or on the Internet
"R u gonna cum over???"
by Yoyoyo6800 September 16, 2013

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