to bring a male off; to ejaculate
After making love, his cum shot deep inside his woman making her pregnant
by vulture3000 May 29, 2006
The juices excreted from genitals due to extreme pleasure. While in the act of "cumming" one might expect to: moan, scream, scratch, bite, speak in a different language, curse, cry or even remain silent....
I'm going to cum, im going to cum, im going to cum.....and i caaaaaaaaaaaammmme....ahhhhhhh
by Belinda Darling February 24, 2010
white shit that shoots out of your dick
a: yo bro did she give you head last night
b: yeah man she made me cum so hard
by jayka August 25, 2009
the tastiest thing in the world that comes out of a dudes cock. dam
Ohh... Ohhh... Ohhhh... Boom Goes the Dynamite. Thats a lot of cum.
by thisperson32834 April 05, 2009
thick white stuff that "comes" out of your penis while having sex
ex. The cum got in her mouth

Johnny: Aah man it got all over my pajamas

by cummaster February 16, 2009
a shot of past wich tastes realy good on sanwiches also known as magicl unicorn mayonais
example: i made thease great sandwiches out of CUM i made it last night after i had a suck and fuck with bill gates
by Slayer 6969 April 11, 2008
mouth frosting. the slightly thick, sweet fluid that rockets out of a man's hard schlong when excited to the point of orgasm. the mouth is the cake, the sweet cum is the mouth frosting. that is where the term "the icing on the cake" came from.
"krys has a pretty mouth, but it looks a whole lot prettier when I cum and it's coated in a rich layer of sweet mouth frosting"

"jane's mouth is like a fine french pastry, but that shit would only be complete after I freekin' lose my wad and cum, giving it a layer of gourmet mouth frosting"
by cryfxxx August 31, 2007

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