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Verb: To have an orgasm produced by the friction of cock and pussy, hand, mouth or anus
Noun: The whitish, milk like fluid that is propelled from the tip of the cock during orgasm. This fluid also has a variety of tastes but has a unique musky, cum-specific odor readily identified by those who have smelled it.
My wife asked me if I was about to cum after a few minutes of pinching my cock at its base and moving her fingers up and down on the erect shaft. I shouted a response about why she asked the question and she said I was getting huge in her hand and she wanted to suck the cock as it came. That comment (and her skill) made me cum and she sucked down almost all the cum except for seed pearl like speck that landed in her eyelid and made her blink it away.
by neverdone December 24, 2007
106 79
1. n. Semen
2. v. To orgasm

Usage Note: the word is spelled with a 'u' to differentiate it from 'come,' which has a... cleaner definition.
I just got some spam inviting me to "cum here." Is there a double meaning here???
by The Grammar Nazi November 19, 2001
19418 8707
1. To orgasm.
2. Whitish fluid from aforemention orgasm.
3. How internet sluts say "come".
1. "I think I'm gonna cum!"
2. "She's got cum all over her face!"
by Sarahsuke June 08, 2003
15056 9423
A male or female orgasm resulting in sometimes unexpected amounts of love juice spurting veciferously
Uh-huh, Im gonna cum baby, ooh-wee... look at that, oh you cant, its in your eye!!
by PetePole February 27, 2003
12675 7705
Cum has a few definitions... it can be a man's semen, a female's vaginal liquids, or, the act of orgasming. Cum is a warm, thick, whitish substance that tastes different depending on what you eat. For example, if a guy ate pineapple before a blowjob, it would taste very sweet, but if he ate something like Chinese food, look out.
1) Oh... I'm cumming...
2) He then squirted his warm load of cum right down my throat.
by Meghan January 01, 2005
9470 6121
white stuff that explodes out of a guys rod after a good tug.
i just dumped a load of cum over the kitchen bench.

my cum tastes like pineapple juice??
by returnfrom86 August 01, 2005
6597 4844
Latin word for with, is an ablative preposition
ambulo cum agricolis (I walk with the farmers)
by LatinoMan February 27, 2003
5800 4311
2.the act of ejaculating
Before she realized that Joe was going to (1.)cum, Jane got a mouthful of (2.)cum and nearly choked.
by Fatass February 25, 2003
4529 3488