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Cute and cool put together
That shirt was so cule.
by jooj April 30, 2005
17 49
A FC Barcelona fan. The word is in català, the lenguage from Catalonia.
Me: I am a culé!
You: And i am fucking out of my mind because i like Real Madrid!I will die alone, you know.
Me: Yeah! And i will spit on your face when you die!
by Maniac_88 March 18, 2006
232 73
A popular coastal Colombian slang word used to express emotion, both positive & negative.
Positive use: Nojoda vale, cule vieja bacana!

Negative use: Nojoda vale, cule man guache!
by El Currambero October 10, 2008
28 22
testes, testicles, gonads
That bitch kicked me in the cules!
by Crazy Doc Brown March 27, 2007
2 4
That one couple that everyone likes. This couple is both cute and cool. These words are combined to describe the perfect couple.
Katie: Jordan and Gina are sooo cute!

Garrett: Yeah they are really cool.

Jordan: It's obvious we are cule.
by MacBaseball November 03, 2010
8 26