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customer-generated evaluation
evaluation of the service quality and reliability of websites by their customers (see public cuge website at cuge.org).
by MissBrooks April 06, 2009
a girl that is cute, but unfortunately huge.
when I knew her in high school she was the hottest girl in school; when i saw her at our 10-year reunion she turned cuge on us!
by gerardo macareno June 12, 2007
A girl that is cute but she is also huge. Hence the word Cuge.
I would ask that cuge girl out, if she lost about 20 pounds. She has such a pretty face.
by Mr.Pony January 30, 2009
A combination of cubicle and cage.
I hear it's sunny out but I can't see any windows from my cuge.
by Tinypants88 January 21, 2011
a combination of cute and huge
you can compliment a cute and fat friend of yours without hurting her "you are cuge"
by clueless word hunter June 05, 2011
Queef Juice, or QJ, liquid from a vagina/cooter.

To produce liquid from one's vagina.
Mmm, good old american cuge perks you right up in the morning.

I made her cuge her shorts.
by ©ock-$ucker Industries October 04, 2006