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Unemployed Cuddle Slut: a person that does not have someone to cuddle with. This person goes onto FB & Myspace weekly looking for new prospects.

Part - Time Cuddle Slut: A person who cuddle sluts it up then goes away for an extended period of time with no cuddling. Usually becomes an Unemployed Cuddle Slut after their absence.

Cuddle Slut: Someone who thoroughly enjoys cuddling and does it on a pretty regular basis.

Cuddle Whore: A person who is Addicted to cuddling and does it as much as possible. Likely more than once per day.

Cuddle Nympho: A person who is Addicted to cuddling and does it with multiple partners.

Cuddle Dumpster: This person is the most extreme cuddler. They will cuddle as much as possible, with as many partners as they can find. This person usually suffers from STD's as well.
Damn Dougie I found a cuddle slutt
by Kterreble November 12, 2010
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