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used in the context of 'marriage' mostly; more specifically; as a submissive husband to a dominant wife or spouse, girlfriend, etc.

n. a 'cuckee' is in short a puppet - or someone's attempt at making one, a resistant 'cuckee' will escape unaffected; an obedient 'cuckee' is much like a golem - or remote control demonic entity;

specifically; the term of 'cuckee' applies to anyone attacked with the 'cuck' skill

cuckee; the reciever of a wave of domination energy - vocal, physical or not - made by females, wives, girlfriends, etc.; 'cucks' can have a cumulative effect; which can put the 'husband' into a permanent state of trance and absolute obedience at the extreme; or a 'cuck' can have little effect; become a minor itch on the forehead; depending on accuracy and strength of 'cuck' and defence against 'cucks' the 'cuckee' or reciever has.

adj. a term describing someone who is being 'cucked' at the present moment
"he wasn't a CUCKEE for long, his reflexes served him well"

"that's, some skill right there; she's got several oblivious CUCKEES under her commmand"
by cuckman September 03, 2008
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