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Someone who is has no other choices to work in a corporate, bureaucratic office, and more often than not, sits in some variation of numerous cubicle desks in the office, floor, building. This person fights for individuality daily, resists the automaton culture, in minute ways in their 8 x 8 cubicle space. Small acts of rebellion could include: cubicle art/pictures, wearing outrageous nail polish/underwear/or no underwear at all under your corporate attire, faking "busyness" and "work", etc. Despite these daily rebellious acts, their spirit dies everyday that they remain....
1. Mary comes in everyday for his 9-5, but hates it, it isn't for him--he is such a cube rebel.

2. I'm much too creative for this office job and expectation (and pressure) to I should fit into this bureaucratic corporate culture! I'm surrounded by sheep and lemmings!
by shelleyrey October 19, 2012
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