Cubans are Loud brown or pale people in which originally came from Cuba, Then fleeing to South Florida in a raft or inner tube. The males think that they are ''Macho-Men'' and accuse other individuals (other men) for being ''Pussies'' or most commonly ''Gay'', When in fact, they are not.

Cuban Women too, are Loud, and spend most time cleaning, cooking, and watching Hispanic television such as Univision or Telemundo. They wear ridiculously huge hoop earrings, colorful make-up, and tight bright clothing with sneakers or sandals including tied hair in a bun.

In Florida, 98% of Cubans and Cuban-Americans are found in Hialeah, were you can find cheap Cuban stores such as Valsan, and find cheap Cuban styled clothing at a pathetically low price. Dollar stores are at every corner, and traffic is non-stop.

Cubans have a religion that is mainly of raising and sacrificing animals such as smelly chicken or goat, and having an outrageous amount of stone ''gods'' in one room that includes rotting fruits, animal limbs, cake, candy, Machetes, a Virgin Mary statue, a San Lazaro statue, Poker cards and other ridiculous objects that churn your stomach when put altogether in one small room or corner.

(This information does not apply to every Cuban, Obviously. Just the majority)
Cuban male: OYEE!! QUE BOLA, MENG!
Individual: Yep, He's Cuban.

Me: I hate my Dad.
Me: Cuz' He's cuban.
Freind: Oh Duh.

Individual: That's trash.

Ex. 4
Individual: Who the fuck invited him?
by The Banana Girl January 29, 2011
Top Definition
One who hails from Cuba or of close descent.
I'm from Cuba so that makes me Cuban.
by DC November 16, 2005
A cuban is great way to get a great party going. Refers to a cuban cigar, hand made, and illegal in the United States. People get really impressed when you pull a couple out and light em up.
A tool: Yo, i got some cubans!
Everyone Else: YO, sweet, lets hit em!
by boardbro January 25, 2005
A person that can whip your ass in dominoes. Is family oriented. Cooks better than everyone else. Drinks Mojitos. Smokes Cigars. Drinks the strongest coffe known to man. Plays and watches baseball. And dreams of the day the homeland can be revisited. VIVA CUBA LIBRE CARAJO!
Mira el tipo este. De verdad que esta enpingao. Tiene que ser cubano
by February 27, 2006
A person from Cuba who is stereotyped ALOT. most of them are 'chusmas', but some are actually classy, wealthy people.

We talk loud and sometimes are annoying, but people love us anyways. we love our family and always have food to offer.

Their abuelitas always feed them, even if they are 1000 pounds.

Cubans are white, black, mulato, and chinese.
Cubans ALWAYS have the best food (croquettas, picadillo, carne con papa, abondigas, etc.) and their bread is the SHITT.

Most Cuban men/guys are cocky and arrogant, and even being a Cuban, i admit it. The old men usually talk loud and say "OYE" with a nasaly voice.

About 90% of miami is made up of cubans, but not all came from little banana boats. (my family came on a plane)
Alot of cubans own farmacias, and live in Hialeah.
Cuban: Oye eat some picadillo!
Cuban: I'm not this is my whisper!

Person: oh well i'm not hungry
Cuban: ok i'll feed you anyways.
by PinoyCubana November 17, 2011
The best thing to be. The coolest and most talented people in the world. And they come in all races.
Andy Garcia, Celia Cruz, Fat Joe, Gloria Estafan, etc.
by cUbAn_StEvE April 09, 2005
What 90% of people who live in Miami, Florida are.
Person in Miami #1: What nationality are you?
Person in Miami #2: I'm Cuban.
Person in Miami #1: Me too.
by SomeBadJoke September 10, 2006
If something is cuban, it is completely cool. The Australian TV show "Home and Away" attempted to inject it into Australian slang.
Dave: My V8 is lowered, red, and very fast.
Sally: That is totally cuban. When do I get a spin?
by serhorse June 28, 2006

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