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An Ipod, or any electronic media player, filled with gigs and gigs of emo, shoegaze, screamcore, or any kind of music assosiated with sad white kids.
He was trying to be friendly, and offered me his Nano, in case there was anything I'd like to listen to. Thirty seconds of scrolling through his cry pod quickly confirmed that we would probably have very little in common.
by Cap'n Awesome August 28, 2006
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(Noun) A term used to describe an Emo kid's iPod, based on it's contents.
"That emo kid is too busy listening to his cryPod"
by Royce November 01, 2006
A portmanteau of "cry" and "iPod" - that is, something that can cry for hours and hours very loudly without stopping, specifically a baby or small child.
"Did you see the lady with the obnoxious crypod in the store? That thing never shut up!"
by d4rk May 10, 2006

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