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the definition for a crusty cluster is when you take a shit and day after day you dont wipe your arse it builds up and the shit build up is considered a crusty cluster ie a build up of old feocal matter
dude "i had the shits again but i never bother wiping the wife always uses all the bog roll"
another dude "no way man thats gross your going to end up with a crusty cluster on your arse"
by anal*smear July 29, 2008
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the act of picking of an old bloody booger and inserting into your shaft while having a boner and then jizzing multiple times and the booger blocks the jizz in the shaft as you wait for 3 days and then get a boner and have anal sex and then as your a about to jizz remove the bloody old booger proceed to jizz with dried up semen
me and my family are making a project of making a crusty cluster
by eminem21 December 30, 2009

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