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Anyone who is overzealous, or is usually intoxicated, who embarks on a belligerent rampage.
Look at this guy; he's on his 15th cocktail and now he's going to yell at the manager. Fucking crunkenstein.
by Pdenny June 17, 2008
8 4
To be extremely "crunk", drunk, intoxicated ect.

invented by heather beather in 2006

"hey heather what do you want to do tonight?"
by heather beather October 11, 2008
1 9
A person who gets or is crunk as shit. Usually said directly to a person.
"This shit's fo' real crunkenstein!"

"Yo, you was so high last night, fuckin' crunkenstien!"
by Will Rosenberg March 05, 2008
7 26