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adj. A mental state beyond crazy drunk ("crunk"), typically involving a blackout. | adj. Very strong intoxicating quality of a substance, often purple in color (e.g., purple haze, purple drank). | excl. An exclamation deployed upon guzzling a large alcoholic drink, alone or mixed with other intoxicants (e.g., crunk juice, purple drank).

Man, was I crunkdiggity last night. I drank $72 worth of dollar shots and passed out in my roommate's bed. Where did I get that Darth Vader tattoo? It's awesome!


Duuuude, that blunt was the crunkdiggity - I can't feel my face - hey man, where's Waldo? Bahhhhhahahaha....


Line 'em up - throw 'em back - ... CRUNKDIGGITY!
by CrunkDogg December 05, 2011
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