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When the urban hip-hop culture listens to "crunk" music, and starts to push eachother around in a manner just like a mosh pit.
Man dawg, that crunk pit was off tha chain!
by Garrett Thornton April 07, 2004
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Formed at rap concerts when a group of people act crazy and bounce around. It is quite similar to a moshpit.
Moshpit- rock concerts
Crunkpit- rap concerts
Black guy: Yo dawg I crazy in da crunkpit last night.

White guy: Crunkpit? You mean moshpit?

Black guy: Nah man, you crazy white people knock the shit out of each other, in a crunkpit you cross your arms and bounce wit da beat.

Whit guy: Ah I see the difference.
by ColleenE July 02, 2006
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