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Used on the Sons Of Anarchy.

Term for a female who hangs around or sleeps with members of SAMCRO.
Gemma: "You're not just some crow eater, you're Jackson Teller's old lady."

Season 2 episode 12.
by Bookfan91 October 22, 2011
A (non-derogatory) nickname for an inhabitant of the state of South Australia (Australia), cf sandgroper, an inhabitant of Western Australia.

The term derives from the fact that South Australians ate crows due to poverty when the free-settled colony of South Australia was established in 1836.

The term has been borrowed and truncated in some cases - for example the football team Adelaide Crows.
The mighty Croweaters!
by pidgey February 27, 2005
Aussie term meaning "South Australian"; derogatory term for a South Australian. Aussie slang.
"Bloody Croweater!"; "Yeah, I'm a Croweater"; "I'm a Croweater originally"
by Caghs March 20, 2009
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