It is a woman who wears clothing that exposes her cleavage all while wearing a crucifix. With Jesus there sliding between two mounds.
I don't know what that crosstitute is selling, religion or sex.
by SIMAFOL May 14, 2010
Top Definition
A person, usually of the hardcore religious right, who uses the word of God to further a political agenda; similar to a fundie. e.g., Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, George W. Bush, etc.
Randall Terry was on TV last night crosstituting for Terri Schiavo.
by die7fox May 20, 2005
A woman (or a man) that is known to have lots of sex with people inside of the cyclocross racing community.

Also, a good way to make enough money to buy gas to get home from a race.
"She might've given you a tubular but she gave me her anal virginity."
"I took her real virginity when she still raced as a junior."
"Ah man, what a crosstitute."

Jimmy won Gloucester and used the podium selfie to advertise for his male crosstitution business.
by ACRONYM February 16, 2015
A ho that hasn't recieved her dough
Look at that famous TV hooker Oprah always going on about how poor people are cool when she has billions of bucks tucked away herself. I bet if she didn't get paid she be a mean crosstitute.
by Sir Bartholomew McTavish July 10, 2008
A cross-dressing prostitute, commonly a male transvestite.
Dad: Be careful when you pick up ladies, son. There can be a lot of crosstitutes on 5th Street.
by Snoobs August 29, 2014
A male prostitute, posing as a female prostitute.
If the Wayans Brothers were whores in "White Chicks," they would have been perfect examples of crosstitutes.
by TheGreatWhiteApe February 07, 2010
A male dressed as a woman (and vice-a-verse), being of the prostitute profession.
" Destiny said she had to go home and change before the football game because she looked like a crosstitute."
by Podrain34 December 11, 2009
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