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A man or woman who get aroused by the idea of being the opposite sex.

Many crossdreamers identify with their birth sex, while others are gender dysphoric. Many crossdreamers understand themselves as transgender, while others consider themselves fetishists.

Many, but not all, girlfags and guydykes may be considered crossdreamers. It seems a majority of crossdreamers are attracted to persons of their own birth sex.

Crossdreamers may express their feelings through crossdressing and/or creative crossdreaming, e.g. by writing stories, comics and TG captions. Many female to male crossdreamers enjoy yaoi comics and stories, while many male to female write or read TG captions (images with short texts).

Male to female crossdreamers are labelled paraphilic "autogynephiles" in the American Psychiatric Manual (the DSM-5), while the female to male crossdreamers are not mentioned with a word. Some female to male crossdreamers are miffed by this omission, while most of them seem to sincerely enjoy this unexpected lack of stigmatisation.
Not all crossdreamers are crossdressers!

She is not a butch, she is a crossdreamer.

If he reads stories over at Fictionmania, he must be a crossdreamer.

Of course I am a crossdreamer. The life of a sexy woman would have been so much better!
by jackmolay November 05, 2013
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