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To be drunk and high. This is the prefered method of getting faded for many.
I had five beers before lighting up a blunt then 4 more shots of Southern Comfort. I was hella cross faded.
by bendersd September 24, 2005
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Being intoxicated by one ore more concentrated substances at any given time. Most commonly Cannabis (Marijuana) and Ethanol (Alcohol)
The first time I got Crossfaded it was so intense, I almost couldn't handle it.
by MikeDeeFearing October 25, 2011
Stoned and drunk at the same time.

Marijuana + Alcohol.
Pete was so cross-faded last night he fell asleep on top of his girlfriend during sex.
by Clouds07 July 25, 2013
To mix alcohol and pills/weed/or any other drug.
Tony- Hey man- we finished that handle of tequila

Mike- Yeah i know, lets drink that fifth of gin

Tony- Lets take these flexeril first and get cross faded


next day-
mike- wtf happened, why am i in your drive way
tony- idk, i was on top of the shed
by Partystarter619 October 04, 2009
The non-gay way to say "twisted"..The stage of being both high&drunk. Makes girls pass out and guys act like stupid fuckers who get really mad at everything. It feels better then anything but you just pass out for hours.
Asshole 1: look she passed out with her shoes on!! She's so crossfaded
Asshole 2: you know what that means!
Asshole1: let's fuck with her
Asshole 2: I'm down!!!
by Yesiloveweed1334 June 27, 2009
A word used by people who like to label smoking weed and drinking at the same time. Usually people who use this word have little or no experience using either of these tools. This word used in the presence of people who are drunk and stoned will initiate an uncontrollable spell of laughter, and the drunk and stoned will then make fun of the these people that are calling them crossfaded for the rest of the night and probably week.
by squatchwatch November 28, 2011
a term used by kids who have not yet or are only recently capable of legally buying alcohol which refers to the act of smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol at the same time.
I was trying to pound some beers and get stoned until this kid started getting excited about getting crossfaded. I quickly became ashamed of myself for being in the company of this jackass and decided to simply go home instead.
by beholdfateknocks September 08, 2010

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