A combination of grit and glamour, with a side order of balls out insanity, like a wild eyed gypsy at the wheels of a stolen Rolls Royce Silver Ghost.

Also cronk, cronked, cronker, cronks etc.
Are you going out on the cronk tonight?

Man, those clothes that you got from La Freak Boutique make you look completely cronkey!

Ross is always getting cronked. One could say that he is the human embodiment of the word.
by Ol' Bill Lee December 17, 2004
Top Definition
A crunk donkey, or donkey who is crunk: with crunk signifying a combination of drunk (or high) and crazy, and donkey signifying the actual mammal of that name.
"Man," exclaimed the pothead, "now that we've made this cronkey we should ride his crazy ass! W00T!!!"
by The Crazy Cap'n May 14, 2006
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