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good friend. it's actually the plural of crony, but i use write it as singular.
Maerilly has been my cronie since high school.
by sillyducky September 05, 2003
24 80
a follower as opposed to a leader. one who gives respect as opposed to gets respect.

antonym: Hustla
I'm a hustla homie,
you a customer, cronie.
by Aryl July 04, 2005
237 90
A member of a group of friends or associates, usually loosely organized, brought together by common circumstances or activities. Members are often prone to a mischievious group mentality.
Neither the teenager nor any his cronies would confess to throwing the water balloon.
by Curt and John June 16, 2006
110 51
man dont listen to any of these fools, Cronie means a yes-man, some schmo, like underlings.
i see u got ur Cronies with u...talking smack to some enemy boss about his go-to guys, the schmos.
by mikitymike April 17, 2005
95 66
someone your tight with. your main man.
shittt.. adam is definately my cronie. we alwayz be rollin together..
by mun e January 08, 2006
31 74
Cronie is like saying homie. The same thing.. someone u kno or r tight with.
I DuNNo If U don'T Get iT tOO BaD...
by LaLa June 18, 2004
24 88
a cronie is a rebel friend/buddy who is just so rebelish.
joy chou is my cronie fo realz yo.

HAHA! We're such cronies.
by missy ly November 10, 2003
14 83