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Crying and vomiting at the same time. It is when something is so disgusting, crying OR vomiting is not enough- you must do both at once.
I want to cromit when I think about applying to colleges.
by lilrachel333 September 12, 2009
A combination of vomiting whilst crying, or crying whilst vomiting. Usually done in a state of utter drunkeness or utter empassioned hate
"oh god, after Sandra dumped me and I drank 2 40s in a row, I cromited like the a pathtic loser all over john's bed"
by Liana March 02, 2005
To vomit while making brown water or dumping hickory logs into the same toilet.
"I chased a porterhouse and a quart of chili with 3 shots of Cuervo and then had to cromit"
by babymaker December 22, 2005