talking on your cell phone backstage at a fashion show to make yourself look important, because in reality, nobody cares you are there
"i was back at london fashion week a couple of months back, there were wannabe fashionistas crocodiling all over the place
by lisa55 August 07, 2008
Top Definition
When a guy goes down on a girl but is looking up at her while he is doing it, so all she can see are his eyes, like a crocodile poking its eyes out of the water.
"He kept crocodiling while going down on me and it totally ruined the moment because I couldn't stop laughing."
by opportunitybanana1 November 22, 2013
When a girl inserts anal beeds into your ass, and then pulls them out and you shit all over the place and then she preceeds to roll around in the shit on her back like a crocodile.
She was crocodiling all over the place.
by Monahan July 29, 2005
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