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A croc flap is not unlike the strap on the comfy, stylish yet affordable croc gardening shoe. Under the surface however a croc flap is a bitch that really "gets under your girdle." The croc flap is almost like a hang nail in the sense that it is not completely bothersome but still potent enough for you to raise up and holler "Hey GUURL hey" get out-o-my-damn BizNASS, slut.
I was at the mall the other day trying on a pair of shoes and right when I walked over to that little shoe mirror some "croc flap" walked right in front of me. Who does that "croc flap" thing she is? Oprah mother-fuckin' Winfrey? I would like to know.

A croc flap: a cunty bitch that can't let bygones be bygones.
by Jeff Walters May 06, 2008
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