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The pansy way of referring to sitting "Indian style."
I like rainbows, pink unicorns, and sitting crisscross applesauce while I hold hands in a love circle and sing Jesus loves me.
by 'eh June 17, 2007
A hand to hand combat fighting maneuver in which you yell out "Criss cross applesauce!" While simultaneously faking a right punch(criss), then a left punch(cross) culminating in a swift kick to your opponents junk (applesauce) Timing is everything in this maneuver. If executed perfectly, it is unblockable.
That asshole better shut his mouth or he's gonna get the ole criss cross applesauce!
by Mayut January 12, 2016
a way in sitting in which the knees are bent and the legs over lap (hence the criss cross) and the applesauce is a nice rhyme used to remind young children how to sit.
teacher: everyone sit criss cross applesauce for story time
kindergartners: YAY!
by singstar319 June 18, 2011
When one sits with booty on floor, with their legs snuggly intertwined in one another
"Wow, you are sitting so crisscross applesauce right now"
by Blueberry MB October 10, 2008
the act of urinating in a manner such that two (or more) streams of urine intersect, thereby creating a frothy churning yellow swirl in the water which resembles applesauce
Billy and Bobby both had to pee really bad, so rather than each taking their turn, they decided to crisscross applesauce.
by Chad Baker May 12, 2004
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