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a person who dosen't use any lotion on their hands or anything, they just go around having crispy hands. when you try to dap them off you get a blister or just get cut by them because of their crispyyyy hands.
Glen- whadd up.

Ediide robinson- supp


Glen- son what the fuck you gave me a fucken blister.

Eddie robinson- ayo my fault. i guess my hands are crispy.

Glen- son let me help you out, i got some lotion for you so you can soften thoes crispy hands of yours.

Eddie robinson- okayy

Glen- okay lets try this again.

*both*- dap

Glen- son what the fuckkk my hand is bleeding now..fuck you yo. your hands are too crispyy
by gucciemaneeeeeeeeeee November 29, 2009
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