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To feel massively ashamed of past actions that you have personally done so that the suffered embarrassment tricks your body that you're about to have a heart attack. It is followed by episodes of further awkwardness and feeling uncomfortable for the rest of the day.
I looked at my yearbook today

And are you feeling nostalgic?

Not all dude.. the way I used to dress and my haircut were so awful it gave me a cringe attack
by flotrslv July 16, 2014
When you remember an embarrassing moment in your life that you caused and you either cringe, hit yourself in the face or flail your arms because of it.
Dan: Yeah cool. *cringe attack*
Phil: Are you okay Dan?
Dan: .... *still flailing arms*
Phil: Oh your having a cringe attack.

... or something along those lines
by wholockianturns2page394 October 14, 2013

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