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When you are banging a chick on her period, then suddenly pull out and jam it in her ass.
My girl is on the rag so I gave her a crimson shocker
by Flander January 26, 2006
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A Shocker that can only be performed once a month...

Also a very good wand in World of Warcraft.
Captain Orgasmo gave the crimson shocker to Miss Menstrual and she loved it!
by Ocktavius March 22, 2006
"The Shocker," also referred to as "2 in the pink, 1 in the stink," is formed by holding up the index, middle, and pinky fingers, and holding down the ring finger with the thumb.

The "Crimson Shocker" is what you call "The Shocker" when it is used during "that time of the month."
She wasn't in the mood for the mattress mambo because of her "seasonal disease," so I just gave her the crimson shocker...2 in the red, one in the stink.
by TeHpWnzoOrz August 04, 2006

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