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its a cellphone company that has good ups and downs, mostly for the young, lowbudget, care free crowd.

pro's contract needed
2.nearly anyone including illegal immigrants can get service through them
3.flat fee of 44.99 + taxes: covers unlimited minutes even long distance within youre local region, voicemail, unlimited text messaging, call waiting and 3 way calling

1.has crappy signal within the satelites
2.cant be used out of youre city limits
3.having to pay full price for youre phone
lower class dude: hey whats going on man i got me cricket wireless, so no need for my homephone now, with the unlimited minutes and textmessaging
middle class dude:but you live out in the boonedocks, so how you gonna get a hold of me?
poor dude:fuck off, go to hell t-mobile user
by joshua001 March 06, 2007

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