a term used for a girl so slutty that she'll bang u and 'ur crew yadidafeel...Whats a crewcabanger? Ya whole crew can bang her!
She's a crewcabanger tim.Let get it!
by Amir C May 24, 2006
Top Definition
Crewcabanger is a term used to define a girl in Misath F.A.B.'s Super Sick Wit It....A crewcabanger is a girl thats is so slutty your whole crew can bang her!
That girl is a crewcabanger
by Amir C. May 18, 2006
Its A Promiscuous Female
Your whole crew can bang her----crewcabanger
by Thomas Lamont Benson May 26, 2006
otherwise known as a ho or ripper ("your whole crew can bang her")
Man, she be with a different dude every day. She's a crewcabanger.
by jjohn August 29, 2005
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