A team of tagger's in a grafiti gang.
"I write fo' GRS crew."
by Diego Blunt August 19, 2003
Crew is the most difficult, demanding, and rewarding sport there is. People say it is not a sport because they are giant idiots and dont understand what they are talking about. Crew is for the mentally and physically tough, godlike in fact and if you are not godlike you should just stay away because you will not be able to handle the pain and end up quitting. Thats crew for ya!
A: Holy shit this is a hard practice. I am exhausted and I cant feel my legs.

B: To bad we are only done with half of the set.

A: Man I love Crew!
by Rowing Champ March 21, 2010
An uncommon, but physically and mentally demanding sport, where the rowers are more jacked than the largest football players.
Person 1: "That quarterback is pretty hot."
Person 2: "But not as hot as all the rowers who do Crew."
Person 1: "Agreed"
by 1603732 May 09, 2010
The Sport to rule all others!

Rowing is the only sport - everything else is just a game

Bob: "So John, I hear your Crewing"
John:"Actually, its called rowing"
Bob:"What ever dude"
John:"Don't be sad Bob, just because you suck @ life doesn't mean...never mind-go back to ur FootBall"
Bob:"If I wanted to row I would, I just dont want to waste my time"
John:"I dont need to tell you twice, just come try out and you can go home crying after you fail at everything"
by Erg Master May 08, 2007
The most extreme of all athletic exercises. A rower will push him/herself to extreme of levels of pain. You first rush up with the ore at the ends of your hand, your legs crunched up in front of you, and arms fully extended. From there your ore gets dipped down into the water and your legs drive using every ounce of power back wards moving the ore through the water with the force of a freight train. After exerting every bit of energy you have backwards doing this your arms and back do a similar motion while your legs are extended. Now that every ounce of power is gone and you want nothing more then a break you rush up to the position you started in with perfect unison of the other 3-7 people in your boat. This is then repeated around every 2 second for 5-20 minuets. This is not a sport for the faint of heart, the weak, or someone who wont die for it or anyone on there team. It is rewarding from the discipline, the toned body, and the unity it creates with other rowers. Who dosn't love it?
rowing, death, erg, fun, crew
by Fidinn October 15, 2008
crew will wreck your life.

The initiation of a rower's journey begins when they set hands on a boat. You will carry a boat with others like you, and become astounded at how heavy this thing really is.

When all the oars are in, you may row arms only. Seems easy. then the back is added, then the legs. It seems okay. Only as the weeks go by do you realize the enormity of what you have gotten yourself into.

Your hands will bleed and ache and sting; it hurts to pick up a pencil sometimes. You are introduced to the ergometer, erg, or rowing machine- this machine is the finest example of torture in the modern world. Your hands will hurt worse, you will pull harder, you will vomit in trash cans and wobble on jelly legs to your car.

Finally, the hunger. There is no greater hunger than hunger after practice. You will eat anything and everything in sight.

But aside from the general pain, nausea, and discomfort associated with rowing- it will get you fit. You will meet new people that will change your life. You will work harder than you ever have and see results. You will do things that you have never dreamed of. You will fall in love with crew, only it's a weird kind of love. A certain comfort comes from smelling the boathouse on your clothes, stepping off of the erg and into the rainy outdoors, or crossing the finish line with boats behind you.
Rower: I can't, I have crew.
Non-rower: What's crew?
Rower: Rowing
Non-rower: *kayaking motion* I've been kayaking before!
Rower: I don't think you understand.

Cheerleader: I have practice until 5 today! Ugh!
Rower: *low growl*

Coach: Set up the ergs!
Rowers: I can't I broke my body

Mom: I think I made too much pasta
Rower: there is no such thing as too much pasta
by cinderandsmoke October 04, 2012
Not a gang! Just your main homies, smaller version of a clique. Main friends that u hang wit all da time.
Me and my crew gets money.

"I'm hanging with my crew diz weekend"
by Viciouz Vernon December 05, 2007
this is the sport where the coxswain doesn't say "stroke", he says "catch". There are 1 person boats, 2 persons, 4 persons, and 8 persons. This is the sport that takes up time and attention just because it is that important
You: Yeah sorry I have to go, I'm gonna go cox at crew.
Friend: Oh, your the guy that says stroke?
You: *punching friend* The hell I do! I say Catch!
by Kyle McGuilicuty August 03, 2006

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