a homo-sexual with a very small penis and no balls
girl: oh my god you are creedon
by Skuh August 23, 2006
Top Definition
one who...

1. does not wear sandals to a public shower
2. only requires a towel when showering
3. does not own a toothbrush
4. drinks amps two or three times daily
5. yacks after one beer
6. repeatedly yells "i'm gonna cum" before actually doing it
7. has two of the best roommates ever <3
{online conversation}

xOo babii GirRl: s0 i accidentally fell on top of another creedon last night..
bOoTyliiCiiOus69: dayum girl, you showa?
xOo babii GirRl: yeah
bOoTyliiCiiOus69: ..go take anotha
by pdubbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb February 09, 2009

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