after ejaculation the receiver gently pulls up off the penis, so releasing some semen,letting it slide down the shaft and covering the testicles (eggs)
after a good season on the cock, Victoria gently climbed off Paul's shaft releasing some of his hot sauce,dribbling down onto his sack, hey presto... cream eggs
#creme eggs #spunk nuts #salty marbles #yoghurt peas #porridge scrot
by Ja Wobbles April 17, 2006
Top Definition
Chocolate covered cream in the shape of an egg.
Eggzample: Cadburys cream eggs.
#cadbury #cream #egg #eggs #chocolate #yum
by Skellyscribbles April 16, 2006
cream egg! meaning .. you ram the egg up the vagina then punch it hard so it breaks and then lick out the remains.

its usually a lesbian party trick.
'emma and steph cream egg-ed it up last night'
#cream #egg #last #night #party
by amelia12345 January 25, 2008
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