Someone, particularly a female, that is just fucking insane. Typically overweight, bearing over-exposed thongs. Insecurity is often characteristic.
Did you see crazy crackers today? The thong was in full effect and she was talking some crazy-ass shit.
by cruiser in the OC May 18, 2006
A group that consists of white members that act in a abnormal manner to get their point across.

Also a gang known as the Crazy Crackers or the CC. In the event that they hit, fight, jump, etc. They do so after they yell out BYAH!
Fred: Dude I hate this class *flips desk*
Teacher: Wow...that's one crazy cracker.

CC Member: I got my CC boys to back me up.

Guy: What's CC?

CC Memeber: Crazy Crackers bitch! BYAH!
by Crazy Cracker Q-Tip January 19, 2008
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