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(crazy sooz)(noun)(adjective)

(not spelled crazy sooze, crazy sooze, or crazy suzie)

A female that appears to be normal without any alcohol in her but one of two things happens or both:

a. a female that gets drunk off two drink, obsessive on a boyfriend that she doesn't have, breaks down in the middle of the street crying and yelling "is she not loved because she is fat" (but she can't be fat)

b. a female that calls you more than thirty consecutive times within an hour.
Hey!, you aren't gonna go crazy Suze on me tonight are you?

"That girl is actin' crazy Suze on you fool" "Yeah I'm prob just gonna leave her drunk ass in the street" "OK"

She is a classic example of someone goin crazy Suze in a bar.
by txdave06 September 06, 2010
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