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Craptography - Slang term referring to bad photography as coined by members are dedicated to critiquing good and bad photography as a means for enhancing our own photographic skills.
Dude, now that's craptography!

I took some pictures when I was drunk, pure craptography!
by wavelength November 16, 2006
1) The ability to write words and/or sentences by using someone's crap. Usually craptographer develop their own encrypted "crap code" (e.g. writing with bad-smelling excrements implies a sense of disgust towards those sentences).

2) Used when someone's writing skills are very poor.
1) My sister developed her craptography skill in her college's bathrooms.

2) I can't tell the difference between a "a" and a "o"! This was written a *beep*ing craptographer!
by cacaro July 01, 2008

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