a hall pass used to go to the restroom.
the student asked the teacha if he could go to the restroom and the teacha said to take the crap strap.
by DARKNESS DIVINE February 08, 2011
Top Definition
A diaper, or poop containing device which one wears. Usually worn by the elderly. However, in West Virginia, birthplace of the crapstrap, there is a Federal Heath Mandate that requires residents of that state, regardless of age, educational background, or social status, to wear one with a lock. This lock is to prevent them from eating their poop. World renowned Sociologist and Psychologist are currently conducting a series of studies to find the root cause behind the West Virginians instinctive need to eat their own poop.
Grannpa' fergot tuhputch his crapstrap on again! Luuhks likeh werr eetchin' roy rogers tonightch!
by Boon Bones October 31, 2011
This is when the drunk girl at the party or just a lazy chick doesn't wipe her anus correctly and leaves poop on it. She pulls up her thongs and proceeds to go about her night. When the boyfriend pulls them off later and sees her crap strap. Total turn off, unless he is just as gross!
Brandon: Wow last night I was so horny I got my girl to the bedroom and I pulled her thong off, it was supposed to be a white one but all i saw was a brown streak, total Crap Strap!!!

Nick: Oh man that girl is nasty huh?

Brandon: Ehhh whatever man, I still got some. I just made fun of her the next morning and handed her a pack of baby wipes!
by Rainbows in my Eyes June 07, 2010
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