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1. When you really had your heart set on making a pie, but realize that the apples you have taste like pure crap. You don't let this stop you however and make that pie anyway and serve it to all of your friends and loved ones.

2. When lady luck gives you a swift kick in the balls.
1. I smell something good. Don't tell me you're making another crapple pie!

2. Dude, so I opened up a 2 pack of starburst and got two of the stupid fucking yellows. Aw man, I'm sorry... that's a slice of crapple pie.
by ewee October 04, 2012
Defined as the cheap deep fried sausage roll shaped sugar lump pastry thing that McDonalds calls apple pie. 🍎 🍏 🍎
I really want crapple pie! (only acceptable to be said when drunk or pregnant or late at night)
by key ran August 14, 2014