A crappachino involves taking a shit and then mixing it with milk in a shaker bottle. Then, you put the mixture (which should be a light tan/brown) in a iced starbucks coffee "frappachino" bottle (or a similar iced coffee drink) and attempt to give it to someone, claiming that you bought this and did not want it.
Rolly and Preston gave a crappachino to the new guy in our platoon.
by DCMETALHEAD May 22, 2007
Top Definition
When, after taking a large dump, one sprays a french vanilla air freshener, but it does not cure the stench, but only mixes with the poo smell.
Whoa, somebody made a grande crappachino in here!
by Michael Ferguson April 22, 2005
A lame excuse for a cappachino; a coffee-like drink you'd find in a dirty machine at a tiny, family-owned gas station.
"Mom wouldn't take me to Starbucks, so I was forced to buy a crappachino at the corner store."
by Lordessakkah QMM November 24, 2008
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