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1. A person who takes more than 2 dumps daily and spending more than 30 minutes per time doing it.
2.Or somebody whose shit is the length of a Dole banana.
3. Or somebody whose shit looks like the dairy queen swirl cone. It was swirled to perfection.
You still in there?
Yes, I am.
Dude. You are the Crapmaster!

You didn't flush the toilet. Look at the size of that! You are the Crapmaster!
by james ferarro August 05, 2006
32 2
1. anyone who can find the worst part of any experience. even when everything is perfect they can ruin it.

2. anyone who can suck the joy out of a good time.

3. anyone who feels awful about themselves. after a while they will make you feel shitty about yourself.

4. someone you don't like but can't think of one thing that stands out.
fish is such a crapmaster. i feel like shit after a date with him.
by Olivia/livvy November 01, 2006
8 5
anybody named francis
Where is crapmaster?
by anonymous August 25, 2003
8 18