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crazed and angry. Credit goes to Mr. Ro, an AP english teacher from Fairfax High.
Dumb students make me crangry
by Andrea December 02, 2004
a combination of crusty and angry
Tom: "Oh you're on your period? no wonder you're so crangry"
Mildred: *stabs Tom in the throat with her stilleto*
by themsim September 05, 2013
Cranky and Angry. When one doesn't sleep well and something happens in the morning to make them angry they're both cranky and angry: crangry.
My lady made me stay up talking till 4 AM and then made me late for work in the morning. I'm so fing Crangry.
by DickManuel November 11, 2009
crazy angry.

Shoving the letters 'cr' in front of a word to represent 'crazy' in order to save valuable fractions of a second. See crunk.
Man, that guy was crangry last night.
by Michelle May 07, 2005