Cranky and Angry. When one doesn't sleep well and something happens in the morning to make them angry they're both cranky and angry: crangry.
My lady made me stay up talking till 4 AM and then made me late for work in the morning. I'm so fing Crangry.
by DickManuel November 11, 2009
Top Definition
a combination of crusty and angry
Tom: "Oh you're on your period? no wonder you're so crangry"
Mildred: *stabs Tom in the throat with her stilleto*
by themsim September 05, 2013
crazed and angry. Credit goes to Mr. Ro, an AP english teacher from Fairfax High.
Dumb students make me crangry
by Andrea December 02, 2004
crazy angry.

Shoving the letters 'cr' in front of a word to represent 'crazy' in order to save valuable fractions of a second. See crunk.
Man, that guy was crangry last night.
by Michelle May 07, 2005
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