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Using craigslists personal ads to chase girls several rungs down the social ladder. Guys typically go craigslumming while out of town on a business trip. If one's willing to set his sights low, craigslumming can improve his odds tremendously.
Recently divorced, I had a weekend stay over in Houston. Bored and horney, I trolled craigslist ads, and found some craigslist girls. - the usual 60 pound overweight, lonely, depressed chics. I brought one to an Astros game, and expensed a dinner for both of us at an Outback Steakhouse. Thanks to craigslumming, I was able to close an ice-house with her, get laid, crash at her Cannelview (seedy suburb) dive apartment - a craigslumming success.
by Big Bad Jim Powell May 15, 2011