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not to be confused with craigs-hook, this is an offensive term used to describe someone's lover or mistress that, as the name implies, they picked up as a result of a previous craigs-hook, which evolved into an on-the-side (lover or mistress) relationship.
a hard working husband comes home from work, only to find his wife in bed with their friend's teenage son. he then asks his wife:

husband: um,Barbara sweetie, what exactly do you think you are doing? Is Kyle your new craigshook?

wife: no, Adrian. well, yes he is a craigs-hook, since I picked him up on Craigslist and he asked me to decougar him.

husband (adressing the teenager): so you are a mommy-grabber, you bastard? If so, you don't deserve a a craigs-hook with my wife, but a bloody left hook. And you don't deserve to be my wife's craigshook either, since I will now kick you out of my house for ever.
by Sexydimma January 27, 2012
a one night stand hook-up that you have with someone, that, as the name implies, you have "met" through a Craigslist personals ad.
Two teenage boys are in conversation:

James: I am no longer a virgin

George: lol. What did you do to pop it? Cuz I will kill you if I you popped my ex-girlfriend Christina's cherry. Or did you date-rape some carnival floozie, like Homer Simpson's brother?

James: Um, roflmao, no. I did none of the junk you have enumerated so far. FYI George, i had a craigs-hook.

George: Wow!. So I guess you really were that desperate to lose your virginity that you even abandoned all moral pretexts and turned to Craigslist. Interesting.
by Sexydimma January 10, 2012