Losing ones high-paying, high-profile job after getting caught trying to seduce an undercover cop in a bathroom.
Mike was craiged from his VP job after that airport bathroom sting operation.
by jrod147 March 11, 2008
Top Definition
Fans of the Late Late Show host, author, actor and stand up comedian Craig Ferguson use this term when he makes fun of somebody or something. Then he/she/it gets craiged.
"...poor larry king, got craiged again..."
by Craigfan January 08, 2010
To get craiged,
To be craig,
Craig david,
To be craig.
To take copious amounts of craig and turn into craig. Usually on a friday or saturday night and or both including sunday morning

Nick says "Hey jase lets get craiged tonight"
Jase says " i already am craig"
Nick says "i am craig as well "
Craig says" i am walking away "
by lowi February 04, 2014
To become drunk. To be persuaded to drink until becoming drunk. To stay out at a bar until at least 6:00 AM. To be so drunk the night before that you are unable to perform daily activities because you are so hung over.
Last night I got so craiged!
by Sabri Nation January 05, 2015
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