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A black white supremacist, such as Dave Chappelle's Clayton Bigsby.
Clayton Bigsby was a crackerblack and he divorced his wife because she was a niggerlover.
by LaShanda September 11, 2005
Ese that is white, but macks so much that he is literally black. A reverse oreo. White chocolate.
Man that white cracker over there got serious game. That's one cracker black, nigga.
by White Ninja June 25, 2006
A black guy that thinks he's caucasian
Carlton Banks from Fresh Prince of Bel Air is a real Cracker Black!
by Brown Betty August 11, 2009
Any black person that acts more traditionally white than black.
"Yesterday, I saw LaBrandon coming out of whole foods, with a bag stuffed with English tea, French truffles, and Belgian beer."

"Yeah, he's been a Cracker Black since WAY back."
by GreatRedShark April 17, 2010
a black white sapermicist
1 the black man who stands for white power and hates black ppl

2 a white man who stands for black power and hates white people

3 a puerto rican man who is just plain confused of this sapremicist shit
by adam aka bart May 11, 2004
A cracker who things he is black!
Look at that fucken cracker black. Someone needs to kick his ass!
by Daniela June 16, 2006