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An African-American(Male or Female) that date and or gets pleasure with light colored people aka caucasian people.
Tineka-Girl I didn't know that Seal was married to Heidi Klum.
Quashaunda- Bitch, where you been, he's always been a cracker snacker, he don't like chocolate milk.
Tineka- Heffa I thought about bein' a cracka snacka, I'm terred of ghetto, ass niggas hoe k!
Quashaunda- Gurl, I uhhhgreee, but I will cut yo ass if you talk to me like that again.
by Whooty36/24/48 August 10, 2010
1.a cannabilistic person who eats white people

2. a person who enjoys crackers ( the actual food) and eats them on a daily basis

3. a ryhming derogatory term for white people
1 Black Guy: The plane going to kansas has crashed. I'm going to become a cracker snacker to survive.

2 Bob: I love crackers, they are very tasty especially when covered with cheese.I am a total cracker snacker.

3 Black Guy: Did you see that, that god damn cracker snacker tried to hit me with his tennis ball.
by epain February 17, 2009

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