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When a person acts like a cracker. Usually used as an insult.
- Like, seriously, I was like all over him. Like, it was soo fun. Like, legit.
- Shut up you cracker face.
#cracker #white #insult #crackerface #preppy
by n0wayitsem April 27, 2008
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A whitebread, caucasian mofo who hangs around your shop and drinks Wired all damn day.
Hey CRACKERFACE! What the F are you doin?

*Crackerface #1 walks into room*
" Uh, yeah yeah yeah, uh uh, bish."

*Crackerface #2 says*
"Wow, your such a crackerface."
#mofo #d-bag #fish #rofl #bamf
by Seth D.Bag May 01, 2008
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